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Deion Sanders' "Prime Prep Academy" Could Close

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As if someone thought creating a Primetime-themed academic institution was a good idea.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There's the Primetime we know on the field -- the former Falcons playmaker inexorably tied to his highlight-reel returns and Hall-of-Fame shiftiness -- and then there's the Deion Sanders that constantly makes mistakes away from the game. Even now, the latter still seems to be causing him trouble.

Via WFAA (a Dallas-based ABC affiliate), the state of Texas is set to revoke the charter for Prime Prep Academy, which was co-founded by Sanders in 2012. The reason? Fellow co-founder DL Wallace -- the one handling the day-to-day school operations, because Prime is way too busy for that nonsense -- turned out to be as crooked as you could possibly get.

Lowlights include:

"Missing money, improper payments, poor building conditions, poor academics, and missing (if not stolen) laptops computers"

The money, naturally, was what got the government's attention. But the underlying story here is that the academics are so sub-par that athletes are unsure whether they are actually eligible for the NCAA.

Per the school's web site, it is intended for grades K-12 and was meant to include "a top-notch athletic program for the purpose of introducing our students to increased college scholarship opportunities." And with the Prime name slapped onto the school, of course the major selling point will be athletics. Failing to provide that is a poor business model, to say the least.

Sanders has already publicly distanced himself from Wallace, who's clearly the main subject of interest in these investigations, but it's still an ugly situation all around -- one that has Sanders' name attached to it in every sense.