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Will A Roddy White Extension Come Soon?

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The Falcons may be working toward an extension with the 32-year-old.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I feel it is important to start a piece like this with a disclaimer, so here it goes: There is no rush for the Falcons to get a contract extension done with Roddy White. None.

We like to set arbitrary deadlines and wring our hands over players not signing, which was especially amusing when it happened with Dezmen Southward because A) he was practicing with the team and B) a good chunk of the league's rookies still hadn't signed contracts by the time he inked his. It was not unreasonable, it was just later than all the other Falcons' rookies, so there were worried comments about Southward's demands and how far behind he was, despite his practicing with the team. It happens every single year.

Ditto with this contract extension. The Falcons are aware Roddy wants to return, he's still a valuable piece for this offense and there's plenty of incentive to hammer out a short-term extension for the 32-year-old, who owns pretty much every franchise receiving record. Does it make any difference if the extension is done tomorrow versus, say, November? No.

Vaughn McClure at ESPN believes the Falcons would be smart to avoid a potentially disgruntled White by getting an extension done before the opening of training camp, and all of us remember Roddy's previous holdout during the last set of talks. Avoiding an unhappy Roddy is a good idea, but it's simply not clear whether the two sides are already involved in talks or not. It's even less clear if White would be inclined to hold out or snipe about the team to the Hard Knocks crew if there's not an extension in place by July 25th, but given where he is in his career and both sides' stated interest in a deal, I kind of doubt it.

I'd love to see the extension done in the next week so there's no question whatsoever, but realistically this deal can happen anytime before Roddy hits free agency and we'll all be fine with it. The key is not let him hit the open market, particularly if he has a nice bounceback season, because I'm sure he would have enough suitors to jack up his price modestly in a year where the Falcons will have a ton of expiring contracts to sift through. At the end of the day, I fully anticipate a deal will get done, and I'd put the odds of it happening before the season at better than 50%.

What say you?