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Which Falcons Are Playing Out Their Last Year With The Team?

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons could turn over close to half of their roster in 2015, owing to an abundance of free agents. They're not likely to, but they could.

That brings us to an important question: Who is entering their last year with Atlanta? It's fair to assume there will be some familiar names on that list, with so many veterans entering the last year of their deals. Maybe I'm crazily optimistic, but I've only got a dozen leaving out of 28 potential free agents, though I'll admit there's a few exclusive rights and restricted FAs in the mix.

Use Over The Cap's handy list of impending free agents to help you make your decisions here. For the record, here's mine, assuming all of these guys actually make it through 2014 first. In the case of Peria Jerry, in particular, that's no guarantee.

Osi Umenyiora
Matt Bryant
Robert McClain
Josh Wilson
Peria Jerry
Tim Dobbins

Courtney Roby
Dwight Lowery
Bear Pascoe
Mike Johnson
Josh Vaughan
Cliff Matthews