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Is "The Kick" The Greatest Play In Falcons History?

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According to the votes of Falcons fans at ESPN, yes.


Recently, ESPN ran polls for each team to determine the most iconic play in franchise history. After several days of voting, Vaughn McClure gave us the choice: The kick.

That kick, of course, was the one Morten Andersen nailed to put the Falcons in the 1998 Super Bowl, a 38 yarder that capped off perhaps the greatest Falcons game I've ever seen. The play itself, however, was nothing spectacular for Andersen, one of the NFL's great kickers.

Instead, this one seems to have won because of what it meant to the franchise and to the fans. That's not a bad reason to vote for "The Kick," but it seems to me that you could dig up greater plays if you tried. So hey, let's do exactly that.

Is this the best play in franchise history? Tell us what you think.