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The 2014 Falcons Philosophy

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An interesting outside look at what the Falcons may plan to do in 2014.

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As Falcons fans, we're so involved with the minutiae of the team that it always manages to be a little startling when we see outside sources considering the roster. Many times they get things wrong—many times—but there are times they pretty much nail it.

Such is the case with Chris Trapasso over at Field Gulls, who took a brief look at team philosophies for the upcoming year. Here's what he had to say about the Falcons:

Atlanta Falcons - "High Volume Passing Offense. Use Freeman To Balance It Out. Hope FA Adds and Hagemen Help The Defense. A Lot"

Julio Jones and Roddy White are fully recovered from 2013 injuries. Lovely. Jake Matthews was added to bolster the offensive line. Fantastic. The Falcons will field one of the better offenses in the NFL, as usual, but there are big craters on defense. Then again, there's plenty of beef up front with Paul Soliai, Tyson Jackson and Ra'Shede Hagemen, a big-time boom-or-bust prospect.

I can and will quibble with Freeman balancing it out, since I think Steven Jackson will retain the lead back role in 2014, but otherwise this is pretty spot-on. The Falcons are going to pass, they're going to bank on a better offensive line and bigger front and they're going to hope that's enough for a 5-6 win swing that propels them into the playoffs. It's simple, yes, but not enough people writing about this team on a national level are willing to consider that on its merits.

We're all hoping Trapasso and others are selling the Falcons short on the defensive side of the ball, but at least he's willing to acknowledge the Falcons are beefier up front, which should be a boon. Whether that means the defense will be average, never mind good, is still up for debate. It will be for a couple of months yet.

How would you describe the team's likely 2014 philosophy on both sides of the ball?