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The Arrow Is Pointing Up For Julio Jones

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The dynamic fourth year receiver is on track to rejoin the Falcons in 2014.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There have been muted concerns about the recovery of one Julio Jones, primarily because foot injuries are frightening and those that involve breaking a bone in your foot are even more frightening. Yet the team seems to harbor few concerns about his recovery.

From Vaughn McClure:

Although Jones is coming off a significant foot injury, the Falcons are certain he'll return to his old explosive self.

The explosion is key. Tony Gonzalez was a chain mover in the twilight of his career, but it opened up things for others. The Falcons couldn't take advantage of that in 2013 because their receivers were all hurt, but once again, the Falcons head into the season without much in the way of deep threats. A healthy Jones has elite wheels, size and catch radius, making him a threat no matter where he is on the field. Simply put, as McClure notes in his article, the Falcons need Jones to have an effective offense in 2014.

So don't fret if the Falcons hold Julio back in training camp and preseason games. As long as he gets his reps in and continues to move toward full health in time for the season, all will be well.

Your thoughts on Julio?