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The Worst Season In Atlanta Falcons History: 2007

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According to your votes, the year of Vick and Petrino was the worst one of all.

Andy Lyons

You guys held your noses and voted for the worst season in team history, and while I thought 1999 and 2013 would be strong contenders, it's clear which season is still sticking in the collective craw of Falcons fans across the world.

A robust 62% of the nearly 700 people who voted thought 2007 was the absolute worst, and those of you who responded affirmed it was Michael Vick's arrest and suspension, Bobby Petrino's abrupt and cowardly departure and the team's lackluster play that combined to make it a perfectly imperfect storm. If not for the fact that the 2008 season was such an immediate turnaround, with a playoff berth, we'd likely be talking about 2007 in a much more regretful tone than we do, and certainly given everything that transpired that year it's a worthy choice for the top spot.

The two runner-ups were 2013, that freshly disappointing 4-12, injury-plagued season, and 1999, the horrific mess that directly followed the 1998 Super Bowl season. Both good terrible choices, everyone.

Do you agree with the choice of 2007?