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The 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft Is Today, Falcons Unlikely To Select Anyone

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The Falcons will probably be on the sidelines for it.

Cooper Neill

UPDATE: No one was selected.

There will be a grand total of four players available in today's NFL supplemental draft, where teams have an opportunity to use a 2015 pick on a player they like who, for whatever reason, didn't qualify for the regular NFL Draft.

There's not a Josh Gordon on this list, talent-wise, and it's possible all four go undrafted. Shead and Ross might be the two most promising players on the list, and we know the Falcons have worked out Ross. There's a small but non-zero chance the Falcons will use a 5th round pick or later if they like Ross's upside, because over the long haul a 366 pound nose tackle can be a mighty useful player.

A little more information on Ross: He's 366 pounds, we don't have a reliable 40 time for him but he appears to be about as slow as you would anticipate from a man that size, and he appears to be immensely strong. There's work to do here, of course, but there are useful tools, chiefly the size.

The other three are, to my knowledge, not even on the team's radar, so suffice to say they're projects at the NFL level, just like Ross. We'll see if any of these guys get drafted, but if the Falcons don't spend a late round pick on Ross, I hope they at least consider him as a free agent.

Your thoughts?