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Devin Hester close to making NFL history

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It's very possible that sometime during the season Devin Hester will break the NFL's return touchdowns record that is currently held by former Falcon Deion Sanders.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Devin Hester, who was acquired in free agency by the Falcons this offseason, is absolutely one of the best return specialists in NFL history. As a matter of fact, Hester is just one return touchdown away from breaking the NFL record for return touchdowns that is currently held by former Falcon and current Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.

Sanders finished his NFL career with an impressive 19 touchdowns on punt and kick returns. Hester tied that record last season when he took a kick at the Bears' 19 yard line, cut across the field, and took it all the way to the house against the Redskins. If you want to get really excited about the Falcons adding Hester to their roster, take a few minutes and enjoy this highlight video of every single return touchdown Hester has had in his career. Devin Hester, you truly are ridiculous.

It's kind of fun that the two players who are currently tied for the most return touchdowns in NFL history are both connected to the Falcons. Eight of Sanders' 19 combined return touchdowns were scored during his time in Atlanta. Here's hoping Devin Hester continues his return productivity as a Falcon.

Are you excited about what Devin Hester could do for the Falcons in terms of the return game and field position? Do you think he'll break the return touchdowns record this season?