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How Does Courtney Roby's Signing Shake Up The WR Depth Chart?

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A question for the July 1 crowd.

Stacy Revere

Just a couple of weeks ago, we looked at what the wide receiver depth chart might look like coming into 2014. It's fair to say that the Courtney Roby signing might shake things up a little bit.

Roby is known for being a straight line burner and a useful kick returner, but he hasn't been a receiving asset in years and the Falcons already have Devin Hester to handle return duties. That leaves Roby with an uncertain future, one I know you've discussed a bit already. The question is whether he's got a real shot to stick and as a receiver given the uncertainty lurking behind Harry Douglas on the depth chart, or if he's just around to fill in the back end of the roster. I could see both sides of that argument pretty easily.

What say you? Is Roby a camp body, or will he knock someone else off the depth chart?