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Who are the Falcons' most overrated and underrated players?

We're pondering weighty issues this offseason.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason gives us the opportunity to discuss every aspect of the team ad nauseam while we impatiently wait for the season to actually begin. Today we'll take the opportunity to discuss the very important topic of which players are the most overrated or the most underrated on the Falcons' roster.

As a fan, I'm inclined to think that most Falcons players tend more toward the underrated end of the spectrum. If I had to pinpoint the most overrated player on the roster, it would have to be Sam Baker. He's a first-round draft choice who has been hindered by injuries and, with the exception of one solid season, has never lived up to that first round billing. He certainly hasn't lived up to the generous contract he received after that one solid season.

In terms of the most underrated player on the roster, there are a few different options that come to mind. If you're talking about a player that seems to be underrated by the coaching staff, Antone Smith is one possibility. Smith averaged a whopping 29 yards per carry on just five carries last season, and while it stands to reason that this level of production would not be sustainable over a greater number of carries, it still seemed to warrant giving Smith more opportunities. Inexplicably, that did not happen.

Which players would you identify as the most underrated and most overrated on the Falcons' roster? Discuss!