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Mike Nolan Confirms Prince Shembo Is Moving To Inside Linebacker

The Falcons will try to goose their pass rush from the inside with Shembo.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons reportedly moved Prince Shembo inside after drafting him, a move that was mildly surprising given that he was considered an outside linebacker coming out of Notre Dame. Now we have confirmation that the move is permanent.

Per Vaughn McClure, Mike Nolan said Shembo is a better fit inside, and the team anticipates the move suiting his skills.

"We had a position move [from outside linebacker to inside]. I think it helps us and it helps him. I think he's better suited to play the inside more than he is the outside. His skills are more for the inside than the outside."

Because Shembo was drafted, at least to some extent, as a pass rusher for these Falcons, the obvious assumption is that the team hopes that he can still do that effectively as an inside linebacker. The team has many options outside and only a few good fits on the inside, so it's fair to suggest that Shembo has a clearer path to a major role inside. There's a chance he could even start for the Falcons in 2014.

Right now, Sean Weatherspoon, Joplo Bartu, Paul Worrilow and Akeem Dent are his chief competition. One or possibly two of those guys could be gone, particularly if Shembo thrives.

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