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$15 to create your all-time Atlanta Falcons teams

This is a completely original idea that we definitely came up with ourselves.

Kevin C. Cox

Look, y'all, we got our own $15 game thing! These keep popping up on the Internet, and after seeing Big Cat Country do one for the Jaguars, we figured we'd adapt the idea to suit the Falcons.

We tried to decide on the values of each player in the most fair way of all, discussing it via Facebook messenger. The Falcons have seen several top-tier wide receivers on their roster of the years, but tight end lacks depth overall.

So, I combined WR and TE for two columns. Maybe you like to run 22 personnel on your team (even though there's only one RB in play here, whatever you get the point). Julio Jones is a steal at $2. He's probably worth more, but we tried factoring in numbers of years played as well. Here's the finished product.

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For me, I'm going Ryan, Crumpler, Jones, Riggs and Prime Time. That's a solid start to my roster. You have the Hall of Fame corner, a franchise quarterback, one of the best young receivers in the game, a Pro Bowl tight end and a versatile running back with great durability.

Let's hear your five. Have at it.