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Levine Toilolo still not participating in OTAs, may be cause for concern

Fact: Levine Toilolo prefers the chipmunks sans Alvin


Levine Toilolo was limited in practice last week, working primarily with the training staff while Bear Pascoe and Mickey Shuler took his reps. Shuler, a member of the Falcons' practice squad last season, took most of the 1st team reps today. The esteemed Vaughn McClure had this to say about it.

Tight end Levine Toilolo was significantly limited last week with an undisclosed injury. The injury was supposed to be minor in nature. If Toilolo's status is unchanged, there might be a cause for concern. Then again, it would be more of a red flag to see him held out of mandatory minicamp.

Look, I know it's June 4th. And to that effect, I know there's plenty of time for Toilolo to get healthy, a little less than 14 weeks (before week 1 of the regular season) to be exact. But when Shuler is one ill-timed injury away from cracking the starting lineup, it's hard not to worry.

With the Falcons essentially eliminating the spread tight end from their offense, Pascoe and Shuler can't be slept on. They will rely on Toilolo in the red zone, but there's something to say about rhythm. In other words, simply throwing Toilolo in for 7-10 snaps a game isn't a recipe for success. He's got to develop his blocking chops, and that can't happen if he's relegated to the sideline.

Best case scenario, he finds his way back to the practice field shortly. Worst case scenario, we go from Tony Gonzalez to Mickey Shuler. Yikes.