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What Will The Falcons Hope To Accomplish In 2014?

A question that carries a lot of weight for coaches and players alike.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Greeting, friends! I have returned from the vacation you didn't know I was on, and we want to talk some Falcons football.

The Courtney Roby signing may be little more than a camp body, but it's another veteran added to a position with some young (albeit undrafted) talent kicking around. While each of these signings may be insignificant on their own, at some point you start to wonder what the veterans indicate about the season ahead.

I've said all along that I believe the front office and coaching staff could survive a losing season, so long as the team made real strides with the new pieces on defense and the Tony Gonzalez-less offense. That's little more than an educated guess, one that I know many of you strongly and reasonably disagree with. When you start adding proven if unspectacular veterans at wide receiver, cornerback and linebacker, among other positions, you suggest that the long view isn't really what you care about. That's true even though the Falcons will have young talent starting at those positions, because it indicates a strong desire to have a solid backup plan in the here and now.

Seeing the team's offseason thus far and recognizing that it's June 30th and we're not likely to get a new signing today, what do you believe the team's signings indicate about 2014? Is it a must that the Falcons make the playoffs, or is there more leeway here? Remember to disagree strongly but with civility.

And go.