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Fox Sports: Atlanta Falcons Have Elite Likability, Rest Of NFC South Hated

Fox Sports came up with a "Likability" power ranking for NFL teams. Did you know people love the Falcons? And no one likes the Saints? I swear, this is a real thing.

Does Julio Jones make the Falcons likable? How could he not?
Does Julio Jones make the Falcons likable? How could he not?
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Awesome reader Lady Falcon pointed out this fantastic likability power ranking written by the cover 32 staff at Fox Sports. Step up your game, other readers. If you post an article in the comments, I will probably steal it and post it.

The article asks what teams a neutral person would like if they had no allegiance to football team.

The idea is simple: If a fan was neutral, what teams would they be most attracted to.

If you felt the Atlanta Falcons were a very attractive team and the New Orleans Saints were the equivalent to the Yellow King's wife, Fox Sports would agree with you. Put on your skinny jeans, grow a terrible beard and get a confusing tattoo, because the Falcons come in as a complete hipster pick at 8th overall.

8. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons are interesting to people who want to get on board with a promising team – Matt Ryan and Julio Jones make them that – but aren’t the obvious choice. Given their meager track record, Atlanta is an obscure choice.

Atlanta ranked first in the NFC South in likability. Where is everyone else? Scroll way down on the article, then scroll a bit more. The Panthers, which the list describes as "drab" and basically boring, come in at 24. Tampa Bay, at 26, has no "cool factor", which is crazy talk because when haven't pirates been cool?

Where are the Saints?

29. New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees is a nice guy, but he’s not enough to hide the stench of owner Tom Benson, who is a slimy businessman, and head coach Sean Payton, a bratty looking dude who always seems like he’s up to no good.

That is laying it on pretty light, as the Saints have dealt with countless scandals and allegations in just the past five years.

How do you like the list? The Falcons are great and the rest of the South is terrible sounds about right in my unbiased opinion.