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Did LB Curtis Lofton Call The Atlanta Falcons Soft?

Former Falcon and current and traitor Saint Curtis Lofton has opinions that, the best I can tell, he is constantly voicing to reporters. So the following news should come as no surprise.

Curtis Lofton in coverage lololololololololol
Curtis Lofton in coverage lololololololololol
Stacy Revere

Going from the Atlanta Falcons to the New Orleans Saints will make you pretty unpopular at the Falcoholic. And it isn't just because Lofton can only play on two downs. He has frequently denied that the Falcons are a rival while tweeting complete nonsense.

All the warning signs were there.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's D. Orlando Ledbetter caught up with the former Falcon, who based on video evidence has been busy wearing terrible looking hats. We have transcribed part of the video interview, below.

Q: [First question mostly unintelligible] ... "tackling after you left?"

A: I would say there has definitely been a drop off but I don't know if I've been the cause of that or if it's the league changing the new protocols for tackling, but that is an interesting fact.

Q: Do [the Saints] view themselves as a tougher team than the Falcons?

A: I would say so. Not only the Falcons, I think you that you look at yourself versus everyone else and I think we think of ourselves as one of the most dominant teams in the league.

While I am inclined to hate everything Lofton has to say, he did not say anything too controversial. Lofton has clearly harbored bad feelings towards Atlanta for not offering him what he felt he was worth, fuming almost as badly as when the CW canceled the reboot of the 90210.

Last offseason I would have laughed off these comments. The Saints were come off the worst defensive season in NFL history with Atlanta plugging together a pretty decent and opportunistic defense and coming perhaps one missed pass interference call away from the Super Bowl. In 2013 the Saints defense had a huge turn around under Rob Ryan and the Falcons absolutely struggled to tackle and failed to show toughness.

But it is pretty clear Lofton does not think a whole lot of the Falcons defense.