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A look around the NFC South

ESPN featured a roundup on the NFC South featuring insights from their writers who cover each of the four teams in the division, and it's a great early look at how the competition is shaping up for 2014.

Kevin C. Cox

Curious about how the rest of the NFC South is shaping up for the coming season? The ESPN writers who cover each of the four teams in the division shared an early look at each team, as well as some predictions for 2014. It's definitely worth a read in its entirety, but here are some highlights from the perspectives of Vaughn McClure, who does a phenomenal job of covering the Falcons, David Newton, who covers the Panthers, Mike Triplett, who covers the Saints, and Pat Yasinkas, who covers the Bucs.

When asked about the most interesting training camp battles for the team each writer covers, McClure pointed to the running back position, citing Devonta Freeman's talent and Steven Jackson's age. That's definitely one to watch. Yasinkas said to keep an eye on the tight end position in Tampa Bay, and both Triplett and Newton said that the battle for a starting cornerback role will be the key training camp battle for the Saints and the Panthers. Teams can't afford uncertainty at the cornerback position in this particular division, so it will be interesting to see how those play out over the course of the preseason.

Each writer projected the order of finish in the NFC South in 2014 as well. McClure and Yasinkas both projected the Saints, Falcons, Bucs, and Panthers, in that order. (Those were my projections a few weeks ago, also, so I can't even be mad that they're projecting the Saints to win the division.) Newton is projecting the Panthers, Falcons, Saints, and Bucs, in that order. Triplett is a stupid dumb has the Saints finishing first, then Carolina, then Tampa Bay, and the Falcons last. Everybody has the Falcons finishing second except for the guy who covers the Saints. I'm just saying.

I'm curious what you all think about the current state of the division and projections for the NFC South based on the questions posed to these writers. Weigh in with your answers in the comments!

Which NFC South rookie will make the biggest impact this season?

What is your team's top position battle to watch in training camp and the preseason?

Which veteran on your team should have a breakout season?

How do you think the division will shake out this season? Who wins, what's the order of finish, and which team(s) represent the NFC South in the playoffs?