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Julio Jones thinks the Falcons have the NFL's best receiver duo

One of the league's best receivers thinks he and this other good receiver are the NFL's best receiver duo. He's got a point.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Julio Jones is good at football. Roddy White is also good at football. If you put them together, how good at football are they?

Jones think they make the best receiver duo in the NFL. In an interview with Vaughn McClure from, Jones expressed his confidence in his and White's receiving abilities.

"When you step on the field, you should feel that you're the best, you and whoever your partner is," Jones said. "I feel like me and Roddy, we're the best when we step on the field. We take it as a challenge every year: We want to go out and show everybody we're the best one-two in the league."

Of course these comments led to other football sites picking up the story and embellishing a bit. Jones already made a splash last week when he told Pete Prisco he sees himself as the best receiver in the NFL. Now he's backing up his counterpart.

If you've seen interviews with Jones, you know he isn't an arrogant guy. I was around for a few interviews with him during his second year with the Falcons. He was soft-spoken and humble. He seems to be more relaxed now with talking about his skills. Maybe several years removed from Nick Saban's shadow helped. It's nice to see him admit some of these things.

Jones has a case for best receiver duo in the league with White. Obviously last year hurt their cause as they were both injured, but when they're on the field together, they create a nightmare for opposing defenses to matchup with.

Chicago's Alshon Jeffery said earlier this year that he and Brandon Marshall are the league's best duo. White commented on the topic, crediting the two wideouts but noting that he and Jones weren't able to compete for that title in 2013. It seems like Jones and White are just excited to get back to work.

There are multiple receiving tandems in today's NFL that could be considered the best in the league. It's interesting to read the comments on some of these articles to see what fans think. I've seen Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate mentioned as a superior duo. There is absolutely no way that's true.

Overall, it doesn't matter how fans view Jones and White. They can back up the talk with their receiving numbers. But for the sake of discussion, where do you think they currently rank among the league's best receiver duos?