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Report: Jacquizz Rodgers ain't worried 'bout nothin'

Fact: Jacquizz Rodgers was once bullied in elementary school - the bully hasn't been heard from since.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Devonta Freeman is like a new car. He's shiny and he smells like new car. Meanwhile, Jacquizz Rodgers is like your 2012 Honda Odyssey. He's reliable and versatile, but there's a stain or two, and the back seat smells like spoiled milk. Crappy analogies aside, the Rodgers versus Freeman debate has intensified in recent days. There are those that think Freeman is the Falcons' feature back of the future. Then there are those that aren't sleeping on Rodgers, believing he will play an important role in 2014, even with Freeman on the roster. All that aside, per ESPN's Vaughn McClure, Rodgers himself isn't worried.

"There are no concerns," Rodgers said, speaking about the addition of Freeman. "You've got to come and compete every year. It just makes the group better, bringing more guys. It makes everybody work harder at practice. We're going to work collectively. We're going to learn from each other. And we're going to make each other better each and every day."

Freeman is a rookie. He hasn't even made it through an NFL camp. He's got something to prove. Rodgers, on the other hands, has proven himself. He's shown what he can do on the field, and while he's seen his fair share of reps, his tires still have plenty of tread. In short, he has no reason to be worried.

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