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Falcons Waive WR Dominique Croom

Moves afoot? Maybe, maybe not.


The Falcons have waived wide receiver Dominique Croom today, via Jay Adams:

Not a particularly stunning move. Croom stuck on the practice squad late last year and was a holdover heading into the 2014 offseason, but the Falcons have at least six options for wide receiver, Bernard Reedy is impressing early and...well, we don't entirely know the reason. As is often the case with these cuts.

The 23-year-old was a reliable receiving option at Central Arkansas and has nice size (6'2", 190) and quality speed, so it's a little surprising he didn't stick around longer to compete. He wasn't a standout at mini-camp, but he's got talent and he seemed to be competing well. The timing just feels odd here, so hopefully there'll be more information forthcoming.

I'm also not sure whether this move heralds a signing or not, but stay tuned just in case.

We wish Croom well at his next stop. Your thoughts?