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2014 Atlanta Falcons Reader Depth Chart Projections: Cornerback Edition

It's time to project one of the positions of strength on the Falcons roster.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We've nearly finished our series of depth chart projections, and this time we're taking a closer look at cornerback. It's fair to say this position is in better shape than many others.

That's chiefly due to the presence of Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford, who have the potential to be two fo the best young starters in the NFL at their position. There's more here, though.

Break it down? Why yes, I will.

2014 Cornerback Depth Chart Projection

Desmond Trufant: 60 tackles, 15 pass deflections, 5 picks, 1 forced fumble, 1 INT for a touchdown
Robert Alford: 50 tackles, 12 pass deflections, 4 picks
Javier Arenas: 30 tackles, 4 pass deflections, 1 pick
Robert McClain: 35 tackles, 2 pass deflections, 1 pick, 2 forced fumbles
Ricardo Allen: 10 tackles, 3 pass deflections

This should be a productive, albeit top heavy group. Trufant will hopefully have fewer tackles with the guys up front doing better work, but he'll sill be around the football constantly and I think his interception numbers will rise accordingly. Ditto Alford, who should be starting outside opposite Trufant and brings athleticism and talent in spades.

Beyond that, nickel is unsettled, but I get the sense that Arenas is going to get every chance to win the job, leaving McClain as the fourth guy on the depth chart. From there it's a question of Josh Wilson versus Allen, and given that I already have Tyler Starr and Yawin Smallwood hitting the practice squad from this year's rookie class, I think Allen stays.

Project away, friends.