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Report: Akeem Dent didn't see his trade to the Texans coming

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff once made Akeem Dent cry. Yesterday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As you know, the Falcons traded away their former third round draft pick/inside linebacker Akeem Dent yesterday. Epic!

It was a surprise, if only because most figured Dent would be cut, either before of during training camp, not traded. Based on his comments after practice yesterday, it appears Dent may not have seen it coming.

“With Spoon going down, him being one of our more vocal leaders and things like that, we just have to come in — myself, Paul Worrilow, Joplo Bartu and a couple other guys are going to have to come in — and step up and fill that void, along with [veteran safety] Will Moore,” Dent said after practice Wednesday. “But within the linebacker group we just have to come out every day focused, just take on more responsibility as leaders and just take the control of the defense.”

Here's the timeline: Dent practices with the team yesterday. Dent speaks to the media after practice, talking like he doesn't know he's going anywhere. The Falcons make his trade official. Sounds like Dent wasn't in the know.

Admittedly, Dent may have had some sense of what the possibilities were. He may have known there was some possibility he'd be traded or released. Heck, the Falcons might've asked him what he'd prefer. And under those circumstances, of course he's not going to act like he's going anywhere. But his comments are interesting.

Your thoughts?