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Falcons Waive Backup QB Dominique Davis

The trade for T.J. Yates meant the end of Davis's time in Atlanta.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have cut Dominique Davis, who served as Matt Ryan's backup in 2013.

When the Falcons traded for T.J. Yates, the question became when Davis would be cut, not if. The 24-year-old had no practice squad eligibility remaining, unlike 2013 7th round pick Sean Renfree and 2014 UDFA Jeff Mathews, and Yates is the obvious choice for Ryan's backup this year. So despite spending a couple of seasons in Atlanta on the quarterback depth chart, Davis is out.

He only got in one game, completing five of seven passes for 34 yards against Tampa Bay, but was known for up-and-down preseason efforts. I always thought Davis was had a solid arm and that he got a worse rap in some quarters of the fanbase than he deserved, but the Falcons clearly thought they needed to upgrade on him going forward. Davis will try to latch on with another team as a backup.

You have to hand it to the guy, because it's not exactly easy for a UDFA quarterback to land with a team, stick as a third-string quarterback and then ascend to the backup role, no matter how long he actually had it. I have to think another team will be willing to take that shot.

Renfree and Mathews will be left to battle it out over third quarterback duties, which likely means a ticket for the practice squad at the moment. Renfree has been with the team longer and has promise, but Mathews does have a nice arm and should make it competitive. There's no intrigue at the position, other than that.

I hope he lands on his feet elsewhere. Your thoughts?