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Falcons Looking For Millions For New Stadium Naming Rights

On Tuesday updated renderings of the new Falcon stadium were released. On Wednesday news leaked that the Falcons were looking to get millions for the naming rights of the new stadium.

Someone needs to pay for this suit.
Someone needs to pay for this suit.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Dome is a bit of an oddity as most stadiums have some corporate sponsorship in their name. Enjoy it while you can because the Avis Rental Cars Stadium and the Godaddy Web Service Hosting Receive 20% Off With Promo Code Dome doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Seems to me that Georgia is already sponsoring the stadium.

Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that both the Braves and Falcons are looking to sell the name on their new stadiums.

Both teams have hired national agencies to help value and market the names, which the teams expect will fetch multi-millions of dollars annually and, over time, recoup a significant chunk of their private investment in building the stadiums.

The stadiums are scheduled to open in 2017.

Business Week put together a list of the top naming rights deals for NFL stadiums, and there is plenty of interesting info there. For instance, did you know the Panthers had a stadium and they didn't just play in an empty field off the side of the highway?

  • The Panthers got a nice deal making $7 million a year to play in Bank of America Stadium. Your overdraft fees at work.
  • CenturyLink pays the Seahawks $5 million a year to have their name on the side the Seattle stadium.
  • Farmer's Insurance has agreed to pay over $23 million a year for the naming rights of a stadium in Los Angeles that is neither built nor has a tenant. Not even joking.
  • Ford pays a mere $2 million a year to have the Ford Field in Detroit, but I guess they got a discount for being stuck with the Lions having to play there.
With that said, the comments would be a great place to put your proposed stadium name alongside the expected deal. Mine? "The Varsity Dome" for an average of $180 a year (which translates to an unlimited amount of Varsity food).