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The official Falcoholic interactive fan map

How far does The Falcoholic's fandom reach? We're about to find out.

The folks over at Mile High Report and Bolts From The Blue came up with a fun community mapping activity, and we're piggybacking off that idea to start our own. I'd like to introduce your official Falcoholic fan map, courtesy of Google.

This interactive map shows where our readers are located across the world. How do you get involved? Just follow a few simple steps.

1) Click here for the the interactive map.

2) Select the "add marker" button. It's right under the search bar next to the hand. Note: you must be logged in to do this.

3) Find where you live (you're not obligated to reveal your exact location, I'm not sure you want Caleb obtaining that information). Now click on the location to drop the marker.

4) Once your marker is in place, edit the name to show your username at The Falcoholic.

Assuming everything went accordingly, you should have your own marker on the map for everyone to see. Let's try to add as many as we can to see how broad the community reaches. We want to beat the Broncos and Chargers sites, right?

Also, be sure to find where Dave lives. Now point and laugh. Somehow he's able to access the Internet up there.