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Who Will Be The Biggest Surprise To Make The Falcons Roster?

A thought exercise concerning the longshots on the team's roster.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

We'll start off the morning with a simple question: Who will be the biggest surprise to make the 2014 Falcons roster?

Obviously, there are a few solid candidates here, but an undrafted free agent would certainly qualify. So would a player we've all written off. Regardless of your answer, give us your reasoning, if you would please.

Because I always get asked for my pick, I'm going with Mickey Shuler. He's shown well during OTAs and I don't think there's a ton of competition for the third tight end gig, but a lot of fans will be surprised to see his name on the depth chart after preseason wraps up. The journeyman tight end isn't a great bet to do much for this Falcons team in 2014, but I am willing to bet that he makes it onto that final roster, at the very least.

Enjoy the discussion.