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Would Falcons Fans Welcome An NFL Minor League?

An open-ended question.

Kevin C. Cox

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, and I hope you get a short time to relax. While you're doing so, chime in on this discussion, won't you?

The other day, SB Nation's Jeff Gray examined the case for a developmental league that would give the hordes of NFL hopefuls a chance to hone their skills in a minor league environment. Those players who need time and coaching to reach their potential don't always get a lot of either on an active roster or practice squad, so this would be another chance.

Personally, I believe this would be a great addition for the NFL. Schedule the season during the spring and early summer or during weekdays the NFL isn't playing, ensure fans know which players are on their favorite teams and hope for a handful of breakout players and you've got yourself a recipe for success. The NFL won't tolerate another NFL Europe, I'm sure, but I think the time is ripe for another crack at a minor league.

Your thoughts?