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Falcons still keeping their options open ... 94 days into free agency?

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Scott Cunningham

With nearly $10 million in cap space, the Falcons can afford to keep their options open. Per Vaughn McClure, the Falcons are doing just that.

There was another veteran linebacker the Falcons took a close look at recently. They brought in Nick Barnett for a workout this week, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Barnett, 33, played 14 games with the Washington Redskins last season. He started his career with the Green Bay Packers and also spent time with the Buffalo Bills during his 11 NFL seasons.

This isn't exactly the peak of free agency. The pickings are, in a word, slim. Of course there are cap casualties and injury risks like Flowers and Barnett, but these aren't ideal circumstances. It isn't where teams like to fill out their roster. But that said, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? I'm not so sure

I'm honestly not convinced the Falcons have huge needs to fill - at least not right this second. Is this roster mediocre? Arguably yes, it is. But overspending on Flowers or signing a worthless piece of crap a tenuous stopgap like Jonathan Vilma isn't the answer. I think what's going on here is what's typical under these circumstances. You lose a key player, which leads to some consideration of your options. Every NFL team has a list, and this list contains the names of players they'd consider signing. Some of them get workouts and then the front office goes from there.

Don't be surprised if, absent additional injuries, the Falcons don't add any additional players in the weeks ahead. After all, there's plenty of young talent on this team. The team did dramatically improve in the trenches during the off-season. The old, lackluster support staff is no longer on Flowery Branch's payroll. In short, while Sean Weatherspoon's absence is unfortunate, I'd be shocked in the Falcons' brass were in panic mode.

Your thoughts?