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Where Will The Falcons Be Ranked In Total Offense And Defense For 2014?

Discussion, thy name is Friday.

Kevin C. Cox

After yesterday's flurry of news, things have died down a bit. That brings us to today's discussion.

Looking over this roster and everything you've learned about the 2014 Falcons thus far, where do you anticipate the team ranking in total offense and defense, both for yardage and scoring? Are they going to be one of the league's lesser lights again this year, a middle-of-the-road squad or a great one? Will the offense be leagues better than the defense? So many questions I have for you, Football Gods.

Please bear in mind that I'm not suggesting that total offense and defense is the best way to evaluate this team's fortunes, just that it's useful for us to envision what kind of improvement, if any, the Falcons are going to bring to the table this season.