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Is Kroy Biermann quietly working towards a huge comeback?

Fact: Kroy Biermann has been here for years, rocking his peers and puttin' suckas in fear.


We've watched Kroy Biermann successfully hit every major milestone in his recovery. And yet, he's still not getting much love. Some have suggested the Falcons should or could afford to part ways with the veteran DE/OLB. But don't blink, because Biermann may be kicking off a major comeback campaign.

Defensive end/outside linebacker Kroy Biermann has quietly worked his way back on the field following last year's season-ending Achilles tear. The coaches haven't really pushed him to the limit, at least not during the two practices previously opened to the media. Biermann's progress heading into minicamp and training camp will be worth monitoring.

Biermann has a lot of incentive to kick butt and take names in 2014. First, the Falcons will deploy plenty of 3-4, giving him an opportunity to rush the passer without having his hand in the dirt. Second, he's in a contract year - we know how the Falcons like to reward players who play well with free agency in sight. Third, the Falcons aren't hesitant about adding linebackers to their roster, the draft proved that. Biermann can't think he's irreplaceable.

In short, Biermann has plenty of motivation. I'm inclined to think that translates well on the field. Your thoughts?