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2014 Atlanta Falcons Reader Depth Chart Projections: Wide Receiver Edition

Let's project wide receiver, as a position, for the 2014 Atlanta Falcons.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Our next entry in the depth chart projection series brings us to wide receiver, a position that is more than a little bit top heavy.

There's little question Julio Jones, Roddy White and Harry Douglas will be the three top targets on this team, likely in that order. Beyond that, there's some intrigue as special teams ace Devin Hester and former undrafted free agents Drew Davis and Darius Johnson duke it out with an incoming class of UDFAs, none of whom have a great shot to break onto the roster in 2014. Obviously, we'll be praying there's no injuries here.

Remember to include rough stat lines with your depth charts.

Projected WR Depth Chart

Julio Jones: 85 catches, 1,200 yards, 14.1 yards per reception, 8 touchdowns
Roddy White: 70 catches, 950 yards, 13.5 yards per reception, 6 touchdowns
Harry Douglas: 50 catches, 600 yards, 12 yards per reception, 2 touchdowns
Drew Davis: 15 catches, 200 yards, 13.3 yards per reception, no touchdowns
Devin Hester: 15 catches, 150 yards, 10 yards per reception, no touchdowns
Darius Johnson: 10 catches, 120 yards, 12 yards per reception, no touchdowns

If you're wondering where the rest of Matt Ryan's projected 30 touchdowns are coming from, you'll want to look at the six I have going to the running backs, plus the eight I'll have assigned to tight ends come the next projection. As you can see, I anticipate Jones, White and Douglas soaking up the receptions in this offense. Davis, Hester and Johnson, if he sticks, will be situationally useful.

Project away, my friends.