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More Draft Rumors: Could The Falcons Trade Back Into The 1st Round?

Many believe the Falcons will trade up at some point today, but could that move be from the second round back into the first?


Even with a mere six hours standing between the present and the first round of the NFL Draft, the football rumor mill keeps on turning.

Thankfully, this time we come to you bearing news from one of the more reliable NFL sources you're going to find in Adam Schefter. He reports that the Falcons have considered trading up from the 37th overall pick and back into the first round.

Why This Makes Sense

The Falcons have 10 draft picks this year, and Thomas Dimitroff sees trading up the same way a sorority girl sees "Margarita Mondays" - why not?

In all seriousness, you'd be hard-pressed to think that Atlanta doesn't try to move up at least once in this draft. If nothing materializes with any of the teams in the top five, it would only seem reasonable that the team has a projected late first-round target it would try to land.

Who might the Falcons be seeking? The name that immediately comes to mind is Calvin Pryor, the free safety out of Louisville. The front office knows how thin this year's class of free safeties looks to be, and Dimitroff also knows the defense needs an impact safety this season.

Other viable options could include pass rushers Kony Ealy and Dee Ford, as well as tight end Eric Ebron and offensive tackle Morgan Moses. Remember: we have no idea how far the team is looking to trade up. This could simply be moving up five or six spots. Any move would also entirely depend on who the Falcons select at the top of the first round.

Why This Doesn't Make Sense

If the Falcons manage to negotiate a deal with any of the top five teams, be that Houston, St. Louis or even Jacksonville, the team will most likely hold onto that second-round pick for dear life.

There is also the matter of the Eric Berry trade rumor, which, despite my extreme doubt that it materializes, would also negate any chance that the Falcons move back into the first round.

Other than that, there's no reason Dimitroff can't pull this move off.

Likelihood: 6/10

If Atlanta cannot orchestrate a trade at the top, which is sounding more and more likely given Houston's ridiculous asking prices, this probably increases to a 7 or 8. But with the unpredictable beast that is the draft and the chance that a player such as Pryor could be off the board much earlier than some think, it's hard to say any move is definite at this point.