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Roger Goodell Alludes To Four Day Draft, Expanded Playoffs Being Real Possibilities

The face of the NFL could be changing, again, in the near future.

Allison Joyce

Roger Goodell came down from his ivory tower high on his man-made, $44.2 million dollar mountain atop a meteor satellite orbiting Earth in menacing fashion to have a folksy conversation with fans on Twitter today. As you might expect, many of the answers were generic, but to his credit, Goodell did address some of the rumors and reports that have been swirling in recent months.

The first concerns the draft. While the 2014 NFL Draft will be three days, Goodell made it clear that a four day draft is on the table. While I imagine I couldn't muster up too many fans legitimately excited about that possibility, the league apparently believes they can do so in such a way that it will improve the experience:

He deliberately avoids confirming that the league is thinking about a four day draft, but the mere fact that he's not saying "no because that's not good for fans" should be enough to make it clear it's on the NFL's radar.

Also, if you think the Radio City Music Hall scheduling issue meant the May draft was a once year thing, Goodell isn't exactly confirming that for you:

He didn't bother equivocating when it came to an expanded playoffs, either. There are concerns that expanded playoffs would dilute the quality of play, make it easier for teams to get in, etc. but the league seems hellbent on the outcome either way.

Everything we're talking about in this article would give the NFL extra days of relevance, and for a league that sees the possibility of even further absurd growth, there's no reason to believe Goodell or the owners won't pursue a four day draft, expanded playoff field and May NFL Draft. We may not like it, but as is so often the case, we'll likely adjust to it.

At least the structure won't change, though?

Your thoughts?