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The Thomas Dimitroff Pre-Draft Approval Poll

How do you think Thomas Dimitroff is doing ahead of the 2014 NFL Draft?


The draft is mercifully just days away—I keep saying this—so it's time to gird our loins and prepare for it. To that end, we're ramping up some pre-draft coverage, and I wanted to start by getting a baseline measurement from Falcons fans.

Do you approve of the job Thomas Dimitroff is doing as general manager of the Atlanta Falcons? This is a bit of an open-ended question, because I'm asking about both this offseason and his performance up to this point. It's a simple yes or no, so weigh in on our poll and discuss in the comments.

Because I know this conversation can be a divisive one, a friendly reminder to be respectful even as you're destroying your opponents with your mastery of logic. Thanks, one and all.