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Falcons were particularly unlucky in 2013, and history won't be repeated

Fact: Matt Ryan's parents were going to name him Bocephus, but then they didn't.

Kevin C. Cox

Many of you aren't particularly fond of some of the advanced statistics that groups like Pro Football Focus and Football Outsiders put out. That's fine, because to be honest, there are all kinds of statistics out there, and some of the more "traditional" statistics are still very helpful. But if you're so inclined, I'd highly recommend reading this article.

The same is true for Atlanta, which shockingly fell to a 4-12 season. The numbers suggested that the Falcons would decline after a 13-3 season in which they had the point differential of an 11-win team, but nobody could have seen that kind of season coming.

The Falcons weren't good last year. But they also didn't get many breaks, and their record, while deserved, probably wasn't indicative of their actual ability. They've also improved their roster this off-season, both through free agency and the draft. Sounds like a recipe for a much improved 2014, a year where the Falcons stand a very good chance of winning 10+ games.

The Barnwell article highlights the Falcons' point differential and record in one touchdown games. Both statistics suggest what you probably already knew: the Falcons weren't blown out in many of their losses last season. They lost, but not by much. Going forward, the Falcons need to be all about "getting over the hump." For now, that's a game by game task.