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What is the one draft move you don't want Atlanta to make?

We've talked a lot about what the Falcons should do in the draft. What moves do you absolutely not want the team to make on draft day?

Scott Cunningham

The worst thing about the NFL moving the 2014 NFL Draft to May is that NFL writers and draft pundits have so much more time to fill with mock drafts, draft rumors, draft speculation, and draft shenanigans. Yes, we've talked the draft to death, and today is no exception.

We've had some spirited debates on The Falcoholic regarding what fans would like to see the team do in the draft, particularly the early rounds. What is the one move you don't want to see the team make on Thursday and beyond? Perhaps you hate the idea of going with a pass rusher early and you'd rather see the team shore up the offensive line with the sixth pick. Perhaps you will lose your ever-loving mind if the team trades up in the first round. Perhaps you will punch a wall if the team goes for an offensive tackle early. Perhaps there will be wailing and rending of garments if a safety isn't the first position the team addresses in the draft.

For me, the one move I don't want to see Atlanta make in the 2014 NFL Draft is anything that involves Taylor Lewan becoming a Falcon. I don't care if Lewan falls to the seventh round (which won't happen), I do not want him on this team. While I am fully in favor of relaxing the character standards a bit, and I believe Atlanta has built a solid locker room environment that would be beneficial for young players with character concerns, Lewan's off-the-field issues are more than I'm willing to overlook.

What is the one move you don't want to see the Falcons make in the draft?