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2014 NFL Draft: The Final Falcons Rumors

We're near the end of the rumor cycle for the draft, but you can bet one or two classics still lurk.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Thus far in the draft rumor cycle, the Falcons have been linked to trading up for Jadeveon Clowney and Greg Robinson from prominent sources, to Taylor Lewan, Jake Matthews and Anthony Barr at #6 and somehow to Johnny Manziel for part of a truly insane draft day trade.

While it may seem like we're out of the woods, that's probably not true. There are a handful of rumors that haven't gotten much traction, and with the NFL and NFL-focused media intent on milking these rumors for all they're worth, I'd say we have a decent chance of seeing any of the following rumors.

  • Falcons trade up for Khalil Mack
  • Falcons trade up for Aaron Donald
  • Falcons take Aaron Donald at #6 (I'm aware this is already making the rounds)
  • Falcons trade down for Aaron Donald
  • Falcons pick Sammy Watkins at #6
  • Falcons trade down until they have every pick in the 7th round
  • Falcons cash in all draft picks, Thomas Dimitroff seeks spiritual awakening in Tibet
And so on. Share your best guesses in the comments.