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Making Peace With The 2014 NFL Draft

It's time, friends, to accept the draft into your heart.

Let this man soothe you with his second round selections.
Let this man soothe you with his second round selections.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We are several days away from the 2014 NFL Draft. Alex and I still will be dropping mocks, there will be more rumors about trading up and down and taking Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater only having one real arm and so on, and all of that may make you want to make like Bear Pascoe and hibernate for a while.

We're close enough now that it's time to make peace with this draft, though. If you're frustrated by the insane rumor mill that has been exacerbated by an extra two weeks of pre-draft time, seeing the draft actually come and go should ease your pain. What if you don't wind up liking the outcome?

My suggestion to you is, embrace the draft class. You can't know how these players will turn out—a lesson I've learned only too well over the years—so your disappointment and/or rage will be based solely on your expectations. Barring a player being selected several rounds too early or a trade gutting the team's draft stock for this year, though, it's simply not worth it to attain fury.

Make peace with the draft now, know that the Falcons have ten picks to use or swap around and prepare to spend a ton of time breaking down the class with us and your fellow fans. You'll have whole careers to be absolutely maddened or overjoyed by some of these players, so while your initial gut reaction will be sharp disappointment or giddiness, don't let the draft beat you over the head with a bag of hammers like the run-up to the draft.

Just in case you don't make peace, we will relax the swearing rules on the live thread. Don't tell me I don't love you guys.