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Falcons injury update: Weatherspoon, Biermann, and Baker

Fact: Sean Weatherspoon's small intestine is large, even from an objective perspective

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Injuries are stupid. I don't like them, because they ruin football. Heck, as we know all too well, they can take a likely playoff team and crush the hopes and dreams of their entire fanbase turn them into a 4-12 disappointment. We've lived it.

In a perfect world, your team is relatively healthy at the outset of the season. For the Falcons, that may not be the case, as they continue to deal with some residual injuries from the 2013 season.

Sean Weatherspoon was on the practice field today, a step in the right direction. Per McClure, his participation is still limted.

[Weatherspoon was] on the practice field but didn't participate while recovering from injuries. Weatherspoon still has a knee issue [and only] did some light drills with the training staff during practice ...

Kroy Biermann is seemingly farther along, welcome news after the OLB/DE's long absence.

Outside linebacker Kroy Biermann, in his return from an Achilles' tear, had a pretty light day of work. He did spend extensive time early in practice working on his swim move with outside linebackers coach Mark Collins.

Sam Baker is making moves. Literally. He's acting as if the off-season knee surgery he underwent isn't having any adverse effects. I'm cautiously optimistic. Hopefully he won't injure himself and suck this year will continue his progress.

Left tackle Sam Baker seemed to move around fine coming off what he called a complicated knee surgery. He did not wear a knee brace and practiced the entire two hours without noticeably sitting out reps. Smith felt Baker moved around "extremely well" on Wednesday.

Big of a mixed bag, eh? I'll take "limited participation" over "sitting out" any day, and for now, there's reason to be hopeful. But the injury bug bit Weatherspoon, Biermann, and Baker hard. They're not in the clear just yet. So for now, cross your fingers, give your voodoo doll some rum, and for Vishnu's sake, don't step on any cracks, lest Baker falls and ... nevermind.