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Report: Julio Jones' Brother Shot

Terrible news.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, I have to pass on the second report this month of the brother of an Atlanta wide receiver being shot. According to News 5 WKRG, Phillip Jones, Julio Jones' brother, was shot in the arm Tuesday night. His condition is unknown, but he has been airlifted from one hospital to another.

Per this report, the shooter is in custody. Judging by this one, the wound inflicted was serious, as the outlet has a relative saying Phillip Jones' arm had to be amputated.

It is impossible to put yourselves in Roddy White's shoes unless you've experienced the violent death of a loved one. When we learned that White's younger brother had been shot and killed just a short time ago, my reaction was likely the same as all of yours: Shock, a terrible sadness and the knowledge that White, his family and friends would carry their sudden loss with them for the rest of their lives. To have another shooting occur like this in such a short time is brutal.

We have no other details at the moment, but as new reports become available, we'll update this story.

Our thoughts are with Phillip Jones, Julio Jones, and his family and friends at this time.