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Falcons Trade Talk: Miami Pass Rusher Dion Jordan Is An Unlikely Target

With Jordan still on the block, could the Falcons be interested? Probably not for the widely-quoted price.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Lately, I've been fielding a few questions about Dion Jordan. The Miami Dolphin linebacker is apparently still on the block, per The Phinsider, with Miami looking to get a major haul in return for the third overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

In recent days, some have connected the dots between Jordan and the Falcons, to the point where people are saying "have you heard the rumor about Dion Jordan coming to the Falcons?" I should stress that there's no evidence that the two teams have even talked, so this has chiefly originated from FanSided thinking aloud about the possibility, which I would stress again is a very reasonable thing to do. It doesn't even rise to the level of a rumor, however, and the Falcons don't appear anywhere as a team that's actually in on Jordan.

Because Jordan would be an intriguing fit on paper, though, let's take a quick look at see if it makes sense for the Falcons to consider him.

Why this makes sense

The Falcons don't appear to have a potentially great pass rusher on the roster currently and will likely look to add one in next year's draft. If you're a big believer in Jordan's talent, you can look at the 24-year-old pass rusher and come to the conclusion that surrendering a high-round selection in 2015 satisfies that need just as well as holding on to the pick and drafting someone.

Jordan was lightly utilized in his rookie season and the Dolphins appear ready to stuff him into a 4-3 defensive end role that I would argue is not his best fit in the NFL, and so it wouldn't be shocking to learn they'd take the assets and move on, especially with a new general manager. They'll just need to be appropriately compensated.

The Falcons should absolutely be interested. I don't know if Jordan would have been deserving of the #3 pick in, say, this year's class, but he's got fantastic athleticism and great instincts. He just needs more seasoning to be a potentially great player, in my opinion.

Why this doesn't make sense

The Dolphins traded up with the Raiders to get Jordan, sacrificing their first round pick in 2013 and a second rounder to go get him. While they can't reasonably expect to recoup more than a first round pick—and maybe not more than a second—Jordan will not be cheap. The Eagles reportedly offered DE Brandon Graham and a 2nd round pick and were shot down, so that's going to be tough for the Falcons to top.

Price is the sticking point here, as it is in so many other trade possibilities. The Falcons may or may not have interest, but if they're going to be asked to surrender a first and a second, a first and a capable young player or just a 2nd and a player, that's an awfully steep price to pay. Especially when the Falcons have so many options, albeit largely unproven ones.

Ultimately, Jordan's athleticism and real ability would make him an excellent get for the Falcons, but the price is likely to be prohibitive. If the Dolphins wind up willing to part with him for, say, a second round pick by sometime this summer, the Falcons should definitely consider pulling the trigger.

It seems exceedingly unlikely they will, however.

Likelihood, on a 1-10 scale: 0