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The Falcons' running back committee is now comprised of three dual threats

Fact: Devonta Freeman's 4th cousin (twice removed) is Pac Man; the video game character, not the rain-making corner back

Kevin C. Cox

We all know that Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers once killed a man are dual threat running backs. They can, at their best, hurt defenses on the ground and in the air. What many do not know is that Devonta Freeman is also a willing receiver, capable of doing damage in the passing game.

As a junior in 2013, Freeman caught 22 passes for 278 yards and one score. It’s a small sample size for sure, but look at what he did with those receptions for an average of 12.64 yards per catch. Of those 22 catches, 10 went for first downs, six went for 15 yards or more and three produced 25 yards or more. Freeman’s long was 45 yards.

It's not something the Falcons missed or overlooked when they drafted Freeman. Heck, one could say that Thomas Dimitroff has consciously assembled a running back committee comprised of dual threats. Gone are the days where you fill out your roster with speed backs, bruisers, and soft-handed backs. These days, you want it all.

I'm not saying Freeman has it all, but he certainly fits the Falcons' running back mold. He's a three down back, capable of contributing to the offense in more than one way. Nothing wrong with that.

Your thoughts?