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Steven Jackson is motivated, wants rushing attack to be one of ten best in the NFL

Fact: while Steven Jackson enjoys lemon pepper, he detests dill

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Jackson is a seasoned veteran, so he knows how to set goals. No matter how you feel about his present ability, his desire to succeed and help the team is remarkable. It's like watching Dave chug mouthwash. You want to look away, but it's just so darn intriguing. Read this blog Jackson wrote if you doubt his motivation.

We fell short in a lot of things last year, but I was definitely most disappointed with how consistently low we ranked in the rushing game. The first thing on my to-do list is to make sure that we rank in the top 10 in rushing, and every statistical category when it comes to the rushing game.

As a group, we need to continue training hard like we all have been this offseason, and have that carry over into the fall. The areas we struggled in last season are fixable. We have the talent. It’s just a matter of us playing together.

A running back focused on improving his team's rushing game? Shocking, I know. But it's interesting to read his analysis, see how he puts it all in context.

Your thoughts?