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Which 2014 Falcons Draft Pick Is Most Likely To Bust?

A reader proposes a question we all should consider.

Kevin C. Cox

Reader FalconsFan0125 proposed we take a look at the darker side of the draft class and ask the question you see in the headline above.

Let's face it: Multiple players from this draft class will probably not work out. It might only be a couple, it might be half the class or more, and we may not have the slightest inkling who those players are. It's a vanishingly rare draft class that works out from top to bottom, after all.

My pick? That would be Ra'Shede Hageman. I'm as big of a Hageman fan as you'll find and I firmly believe that with the right coaching and effort from him, he could turn out to be a beast. Yet I also know that Hageman is viewed as a boom or bust prospect for a reason, and thus I have to consider him the most likely.

So hearing mine, which prospect from this class do you believe is most likely to be a bust? Apply your standard for a bust and share it with the class, if you please.