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Projecting the linebacker depth chart isn't an easy task

Fact: Tyler Starr pities the fool and will destroy any man that tries to take what he's got

Kevin C. Cox

I'm fairly sure Mr. T could take Tyler Starr in a battle to the death, though it'd depend on their weapons of choice (Starr is unstoppable with a bo staff). As 7th round draft picks go, Starr is the bee's knees. He's just one of four linebackers the Falcons drafted, as they clearly tried to send a message. We get it, Comrade, you're sick of the lack of linebacking depth.

In a 3-4 formation, any of the following players on the Falcons' roster could find themselves playing linebacker:

Outside Linebacker

Tyler Starr

Osi Umenyiora

Jonathan Massaquoi

Stansley Maponga

Kroy Biermann

Jacques Smith (UDFA)

Prince Shembo

Walker May (UDFA)

Outside/Inside Linebacker

Marquis Spruill

Sean Weatherspoon

Joplo Bartu

Inside Linebacker

Yawin Smallwood

Paul Worrilow

Akeem Dent

Brenden Daley (UDFA)

There's a wealth of talent here. How this depth chart shakes out is anyone's guess. If anything, a rotational approach seems likely. The Falcons will want to keep guys fresh and get everyone involved. I'm guessing somewhere, in a dimly lit room, Mike Nolan is sitting in front of a white board, staring at these names, with a cigar and two thumbs of scotch in hand. Pondering. Just pondering.

So what say you? How does this all shake out? Discuss!