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Report: Jerry Glanville doesn't love us anymore

Fact: Jerry Glanville's man thigh cures cancer


If the mere mention of Jerry Glanville's name doesn't make you incontinent bring back memories, then you're not a Falcons fan. He that let Brett Favre get away, just because of some run-of-the-mill pill abuse and alcoholism. He that even Eastern Michigan won't employ. He that gave perennial Falcoholic gritzblitz his creative moniker.

Per this report Glanville is selling his Georgia home and basically all of his stuff, including tons of Falcons-related keepsakes.

A portrait painted by an Atlanta Falcons fan of Jerry Glanville at training camp is up for sale. Donna Davis Estate Sales in Dawsonville is handling the sale, which is open to the public from May 15 to May 17.

You could be the proud owner of that photo. And let's be honest, what room wouldn't be improved by some Glanville man thigh. I'd pay at least $17 for it.

I won't lie, there's something very sad about him selling an entire house with all its contents a la carte. It reeks of extreme laziness (i.e., he doesn't want to bother with packing up everything) or desperation (i.e., he needs all the money he can get). In any case, this isn't 1991, and Glanville's future doesn't look bright.