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Atlanta Falcons Rookie Mini-Camp Is Over, Veterans Return Soon

The Falcons won't get a long layoff before everyone's back to work.

Todd Kirkland

The Falcons' rookie class had an opportunity to show off for the coaching staff, and guys like Jake Matthews, Jacob Pedersen and Tyler Starr took advantage. Now they'll have to do it with veterans mixed in.

There's basically a week off ahead before the Falcons return with their next set of workouts and coaching sessions, these ones featuring the familiar cast of veterans, plus the new free agent signings. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the team in action, because as others have noted, it's much easier to look good against fellow rookies than it is against a full set of veterans.

Despite that, this was an encouraging weekend for several rookies, and Jake Matthews reportedly looks as good as advertised. We'll only have to wait a week to learn more, so let's hope it flies by.

Chime in with your thoughts on rookie mini-camp. Jeanna will have a recap of yesterday's action shortly.