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Falcons: Gain some weight, Mr. Spruill

Fact: Marquis Spruill doesn't use viewer discretion, no matter the subject matter.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons really wanted Marquis Spruill. Yeah, I know, they wanted all of their draft picks. Why draft them otherwise? But they really wanted Spruill. They wanted him like Alex Welch wants to move out of his mother's basement. Some day, Alex. Some day.

Thomas Dimitroff and Company wanted Spruill so much they moved back into the 5th round. They didn't give up the world to do that, but they obviously had picking him in mind. There's something that piqued their interest. It's something the Falcons didn't want to miss out on. But all that said, he's still a work in progress. For right now, it appears the young man needs to gain some weight.

"Everybody told me to come to camp in shape, so I was running a whole lot and lost at little bit of weight,'' said Spruill, who said he initially checked in at 220 pounds. "Then we got here and it was like 95 degrees outside. We had to practice out there and I was sweating a lot. So I lost a couple more pounds.''

The Falcons want him to weigh in around 235 pounds, which means he has between 15-20 pounds to gain. He's got to gain that weight while sustaining his elite straight line speed. That's why the Falcons drafted him, after all.

Your thoughts?