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Julio Jones, Sean Weatherspoon and Zeke Motta Injury Updates

Julio Jones, Sean Weatherspoon and Zeke motta got injured... and you won't believe what happened next! Well, they healed up in the offseason. OK, that is pretty believable.

We need a lot more Julio in 2014.
We need a lot more Julio in 2014.
Scott Cunningham

Mike Smith made the stunning admission that Julio Jones, Sean Weatherspoon and Zeke Motta are in fact players on the roster, were injured last season and have been healing up in the offseason. This is easily the most transparent Mike Smith has ever been.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the stunning update.

[Mike] Smith said neither Jones (foot) nor Weatherspoon (knee) would be “doing a whole lot” in the offseason conditioning program or the full-team minicamp scheduled to begin later this month. “Our focus is strictly on getting them ready to go for training camp” in late July, Smith said.

Neither veteran will be rushed back, with the main focus going towards keeping both players healthy for 2014. Weatherspoon has dealt with a number of injuries through his career and has plenty of motivation to stay healthy and take the next step during his contract year. Jones was on pace for a ridiculous 2013 before he went on injured reserve.

Getting 16 games out of both players would provide a great impact for the Falcons.

Lastly, safety Zeke Motta is progressing after a bad neck injury in his rookie season.

Safety Zeke Motta (neck) also isn’t expected to participate in offseason activities. Motta had surgery in December to repair a cervical fracture.

Motta, if healthy, would provide some depth on defense and play on special teams.

The Falcoholic will continue to report on any update from coach Smith where he confirms at least that he is the head coach for a professional football team, and the professional football team has different professional football players.